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ABAChem R&D Shanghai Center is one of ABAChem subordinates, which focus on products research and development, process research, analysis detection and technology service. It is located in Shanghai national biological medicine technology industry zone - Zhangjiang biological medicine zone (Zhangjiang Medicine Valley) , where has been China Medicine enterprises Development Center. There are 300 home biological medicine field of innovation enterprise and near 30 R&D centers affiliated to famous enterprises at home and abroad.
ABAchem R&D Shanghai Center has an excellent study team, which form of Doctor or Master's degrees peoples and major in chemistry undergraduates. They are good at pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry and fine chemicals. Now, with various preferential policies and good scientific environment in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, ABAchem R&D Shanghai Center does consider environmental protection development as its concept, and be committed to the Chiral Synthesis of Heterocyclic Chemistry and technology accumulation and innovation involving pharmaceuticals, pesticides and chemical products for electronics and other fields of research and development, provides the strong technical support for ABAchem sustainable development.

Shanghai PUYI Chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in shanghai songjiang lingang city of science and technology ,founded in 2008 and become a wholly owned subsidiary of ABA CHEM in 2016.
As an important part of ABA’S strategy- “new medicine, new pesticides", PUYI commitment to provide safe and high-quality products and professional service for the global pharmaceutical and health care industry. Company is mainly engaged in APIs and intermediates, amino acids, vitamins and other chemical products, from new product development to product launch process technology research and development, product registration and production services for customers from R&D to commercial products.
PUYI Chemical was rated as High-tech Enterprises in 2010,Shanghai City Innovative Enterprises,Little Giant (Foster) Enterprises, Songjiang Enterprise Technology Center in 2012. PUYI Chemical has a high efficient and capable team for R&D and industrialization, a R&D center in Songjiang district, It keeps close cooperation with scientific research institutes of universities and Chinese academy of sciences, Growing by independent intellectual property rights and cooperations.
Years of accumulation equipped the company advantages in following aspects:
Utilization of biological enzyme technology Process scale up
The rich practical experience
Professional document support

Huzhou YiHui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("YiHui Biotechnology ") has accumulated rich technology development and industrialization experience in gene cloning, expression, transformation, fermentation, separation extraction, enzymatic and immobilized reaction.

Since founded in 2009, the company has developed and successfully industrialised dozens of pharmaceutical intermediates, especially in the non-natural amino acid, chiral alcohols and chiral amines and other products with strong technical advantage.Through cooperation with the Huzhou Biotechnology Center , Shanghai Institute of life science ,Chinese Academy of Sciences, YiHui Biotechnology has developed and accumulated more than 200 (78 category) biological catalyzing enzyme, forming a enzymes’s pool which can be customized according to the customer's needs.

Being a full subsidiary company of ABA CHEM, ABA Chemicals (Shanghai) Limited takes charge most of the marketing and sales of fine chemicals, advanced pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates for the parent company both at home and abroad. We have established lone term and stable relationship with famous pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies all over the world. Located in Shanghai, we have advantages both in human resources and geographical conditions. Aiming to the products that patents are going to be expired and the products that will affect the beneficial to the people's livelihood, we developed new process and applied our own patents. We have efficient marketing channel, most of our key products takes leading role in the market.

As the leading company in the global life science field, ABACHEM provides contract research and manufacturing services for top companies around the world. We have invested a lot of resources in R&D for environmental protection technology for ABACHEM’s own needs. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with leading international environmental protection enterprises for new technology in this field. After optimization and validation by many ABACHEM’s own projects, these innovative environmental protection technologies have already met the top level in the world. ABA Environment focuses on the reduction, in-situ treatment, and recycling technology of waste treatment.

Based on the strong innovation ability, ABA Environment focuses on three businesses: End-of-pipe treatment of industrial waste,Soil remediation and Sludge reduction treatment. We provide total solution for clients including consulting, designing, technical support, engineering, operating and follow-up maintenance services. ABA Environment aims to be the leading player in the subdivision field of environmental protection market.

Floor Area 70,000m2 (Phase I) with the Manufacturing Area of 20,000m2, 150,000m2 (Phase II )

Product category Agrochemical ingredients and intermediates

Expertise Photochlorination, Halogenation, Grignard Reaction, Triazole chemicals

Reactor volume 1,800,000m2

No. of Workshops 6 workshops (Phase I), 4 workshops (Phase II), 2 workshops (Phase III).

Scale metric ton to thousands of tons

Capability of hazardous chemicals handling Dimethyl sulfate, Br2, NaN3, PCl3, Cl2

Area 40,000m2 with the manufacturing area of 16722m2

Product category Pharmaceutical intermediates & APIs

Services CRO and CMO on kilogram and metric ton scales

Expertise Asymmetric synthesis, Asymmetric hydrogenation, Chiral resolution, Biocatalysis, Bromination, Hydrogenation (up to 9.0 Mpa), Diazotization

Reactor volume 700,000L

No. of Workshops 10 including one hydrogenation workshop

Area 186,000m2

Product category Pharmaceutical& Agrochemical intermediates, Fine Chemicals

Expertise Halogenation, Cyanation, Chiral resolution, Hydrogenation, including a Hastelloy reactor (2000L)

No. of Workshops 6 workshops (Phase I), 4 workshops (Phase II), 2 workshops (Phase III).

Scale metric ton to thousands of tons

Capability of hazardous chemicals handling Dimethyl sulfate, Br2, NaN3, Cl2, NaCN, H2O2